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NHS Professionals is the leading provider of managed flexible workforce services to the NHS with approximately 40,000 nurses, doctors, and other healthcare staff, as well as administration and clerical staff. signed to its bank.

It helps its 80 NHS Trust clients implement tactical measures to improve workforce efficiency and productivity as part of an overall workforce strategy.

November 2012 - Annual Review 2011/12

January 2012 - Annual Review 2010/11

April 2010
The proposition for NHSP's status change received Ministerial approval and NHSP became a limited company as of 1st April 2010.

December 2009 - NHS Professionals has come a long way since 2004 and in order to build upon that progress it was determined that structure of the organisation must be fit for purpose.

Following analysis, and with assistance from professional advisers, it was decided that a limited company structure offered the most flexible structure in allowing NHSP to compete effectively with the private sector and meet its stated strategic objectives. Additional work undertaken by NHSP and DH confirmed this view.

NHSP entered into consultation with its staff in December 2009.

January 2004 - NHS Professionals became a Special Health Authority and commenced operations in April 2004 to lead and manage the supply of flexible staff to the NHS.

November 2000 - NHS Professionals (NHSP) was created by the Department of Health (DH) to provide a national service managing the supply of temporary staff to local NHS organisations. Its primary aim is to improve the quality of patient care by professional management of the temporary workforce and by setting common standards for quality and clinical governance. In achieving this, NHS Professionals also aims to provide better value for money for NHS Trusts, and attractive work arrangements for staff wishing to work flexibly in the NHS.

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